Two M1911s, Along With Extra Ammo

Some sample configurations I know you can put in the FTK-PB include… 2 M1911s (I do this) – A 4” . 357 Magnum revolver, a 9mm pistol, and extra ammo for both. A 9mm pistol, 2 magazines, and an extra box of ammo. A Glock 22, a Ruger LC9, along with extra ammo.

Overall, the Fort Knox PB1 is a great handgun safe for several reasons. It has very strong construction, a convenient but secure lock, and comes backed up with Fort Knox’s track record of reliability (and also a lifetime warranty). If you want a good safe to store your revolver or handgun, the PB1 might be your best option.

The pluck foam interior basically consists of blocks that you can remove to fit the contours of your weapon/ammo. Note that some buyers have complaints about the durability of that foam interior though. On the other hand, the FTK-PB has these items but the Original Handgun Safe doesn’t- Lifetime Warranty – Longer and more established track record amongst gun owners Overall, the Stealth Original Handgun Safe offers most of the benefits of the FTK-PB, so they are pretty similar products.

I put it second simply because I’m a conservative guy and like to go with the proven models, and the FTK-PB is more proven (plus backed up with that warranty). You would want to consider the Original Handgun Safe over the FTK-PB IF portability is important to you.

Since it has a handle, the Stealth Original Handgun Safe is more portable. That might work better if you move often, or sometimes take your handgun with you in a vehicle. Some sample configurations I know you can do with the Stealth Original Handgun Safe include…

Two M1911s, along with extra ammo. Two Ruger SR9Cs, along with extra ammo. Inner Dimensions: 3? H x 10-1/2? W x 9? D Capacity: 0. 164 cubic feet Outer Dimensions: 4-1/4? H (5-1/4? H with knob) x 12-9/16? W x 10-1/4? D (11-1/2? D with handle extended) Construction: 10 gauge steel body, 3/16” steel wrapping around door, chrome-plated thick locking bolt.

Weight: 24 lbs Locking mechanism: Simplex mechanical lockHas a handle for easy carrying High quality construction with 10-gauge steel Pry proof door Reliable simplex lock Provides (blocks) pluck foam interior Made in USA California DOJ Approved Only 1,081 combinations. Connected to my phone for streaming but here ran into some difficulties.

Downside – Plastic housing.

Possibly it was my older iPhone 6. Not sure. Stil overall good image quality and plenty of bells and whistles to make this scope worth a look. Fully waterproof, most others are water-resistant. Downside – Plastic housing. I know that some military gear today is made out of plastic but I still feel that a metal housing is the way to go.

All my regular scopes are metal and don’t see why Pulsar decided to go plastic. I think it will severely limit the lifetime use of this product. Battery also reminds me of an old camcorder and even after a few shots felt not 100% attached.

We did not have any shut off problems but again I foresee issues in the future. 4 ARMASIGHT Predator 336 – $1,949The Armasight (now FLIR) Predator has been around for a while and is a solid Thermal Scope at a competitive price. It is fairly light weight.